Proceq Pundit PL-200PE – Pulse Echo Tlp 08128222998 / 087770760007

The Pundit PL-200PE employs state-of-the-art pulse echo technology to extend the ultrasonic application to objects where access is restricted to a single side.

The measurement process is greatly assisted by Proceq innovations such as advanced echo tracking and automatic estimation of Pulse Velocity. The A-Scan Mode allows direct analysis of the raw signal and the real-time B-Scan Mode provides a cross-sectional view perpendicular to the scanning surface. The Area Scan enables slab thickness uniformity testing in grid patterns.

This allows the user to determine the slab thickness and to localize subsurface deformities such as voids, pipes, delaminations and honeycombing.
Control buttons and optical feedback directly on the probe increase measurement efficiency and make to instrument even more user-friendly.

Single side determination of slab thickness
Detection and localization of voids, pipes, delaminations and honeycombing
Advanced echo tracking technology helps identifying the main echo
Area Scan for slab thickness uniformity testing in grid patterns
Measure variations in tunnel lining thicknesses according to RI-ZFP-TU
Control buttons and optical feedback directly on the probe increase measurement efficiency
Automatic estimation of the Pulse Velocity
Easy B-Scan measuring through center marker and rulers directly on the probe
Dry-contact transducer: no couplant required, suited for measuring on rough surfaces
Lightweight and ergonomical handling
Expandable with Pulse Velocity transducers

Range    0.1-7930 µs
Resolution    0.1 µs (< 793 µs), 1 µs (>793 µs)
Display    7” Colour, 800 x 480
Pulse Voltage    100 – 450 Vpp
Bandwidth    20 – 500 kHz
Receiver Gain    1X – 10,000X (0-80dB) 11 steps
Memory    8 GB Flash memory, storage of up to 100,000 A-Scans
Battery    Lithium Polymer, 3.6 V. 14.0 Ah
Battery Lifetime    >8h (in standard mode)
Operating Temperature
 0o > 30o (Charging, operating)
 0o > 40o (Charging, Off)
-10o > 40o (Not Charging)
Humidity    < 95% RH, non-condensing
IP Classification    IP 54

Pundit PL200PE comes standard with:
Pundit Touchscreen
Pundit Pulse Echo Transducer incl. cable
Contact tester
Battery charger, USB cable
DVD w. software, Documentation, Carrying Straps, Case

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