Jual Hammer Test Mates C-380 Made In Italy Tlp 08128222998

Product Description For rapid quality control of concrete works with built in Pointer scale and graph for various angle. Type N range 10 to 70 N mm2 100 to 700 kgf cm2 Impact Energy 0 225 mkg 2 207 joule Included certificate calibration by KAN For non destructive strength testing of concrete and structural components . In operation the hammer hits the concrete at a defined energy. Its rebound is dependent on the hardness of the concrete. Through the use of the included conversion table the rebound value can be converted to compressive strength. The standard Type N hammers that displays rebound values on a mechanical sliding scale . For testing thin walled structural components with a thickness of less than 10 cm or rock cores . All models include rubbing stone carrying case and instruction booklet with conversion charts.

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