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  • Auto Tracking Function*
  • Auto Collimation Xpointing technology
  • MAGNET™ Software On-board
  • Powerful EDM of 1,000m in reflectorless mode
  • Exclusive LongLink™ Communications
  • Dust and Water Protection IP65
  • TSshield™ Advanced Security and Maintenance
    *Auto-Tracking function can be added by Upgrade Kit.
Exclusive TSshield technology built-in
Before using the DS series, it is necessary to perform the user registration to activate the TSshield.Please click here and read the registration manual.


World's first support service only from Topcon
TSshield is a standard feature on all new models of Topcon Group total stations. Its advanced communication system provides new opportunities to secure and maintain your instrument.
*This service may not be available in some areas

Auto tracking function enhances your productivity drastically

Auto tracking
The DS series, with the auto tracking function, requires no operator at the total station - it locks and tracks prism constantly enabling the immediate measurement as soon as target prism is located at any point, also operator to control survey from the rover side. With the auto tracking function, time for alignment adjustment and focusing operations, required on the manual total station, are completely eliminated, thus increasing measurement speed and enhancing productivity of measurement work.
DS Upgrade Kit

Remarkable differences in productivities

  • TOPO
    The Auto tracking function is very effective to perform TOPO survey. You just need to carry a prism pole with data collector and visit points to be measured. Numerous points can be measured and collected very quickly with such simple operation.
TOPO Survey
  • Stake-out
    Users also benefit from the auto tracking function for in stake-out survey work. It is so easy and quick to find stake-out points, by just following navigation on the screen of data collector, without communicating with operator at the instrument or moving along with the fixed direction. The more stake-out points you locate, you can get higher productivity compared with conventional instrument.
stake-out survey

New Auto Collimation "Xpointing Technology"

New Auto Collimation  Xpointing Technology Xpointing
The Topcon DS unitizes Xpointing technology featuring a new intelligent algorithm that automatically aims to the prisms with precise by corrected angle readings.
The Xpointing technology works even in dim or dark conditions where the prism is difficult to be found. Whatever the job requires and wherever operators must go, the DS makes your job done easier and faster while still maintaining accuracy.

Fast and Powerful EDM

long distance
The 1,000m (3,280ft) reflectorless measurement can be achieved by the smaller beam spot size of the EDM. Measurements can be as fast as 0.9 seconds in the accurate fine mode to most object surfaces over the longer distance.

Exclusive LongLink™ Communications

LongLink LongLink
Can be used to establish a wireless linkage with a data terminal at the prism side, up to 300m* distance away. Longlink™ provides the user the ability to enter code descriptors at the remote prism pole enabling more effective data collection, as well as graphical navigations in stakeout work.
*subject to environmental conditions for radio transmission

MAGNET™ Onboard Software

MAGNET is a powerful and intuitive field application software equipped to enable users to collect survey mapping data and perform construction and road layout using the DS total station.
Topcon's industry-leading software package offers graphical and intuitive operations.

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