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 Humidity/Temp, Barometer, Altitude, UV
 Anemometer adalah sebuah alat pengukur kecepatan angin yang banyak dipakai dalam bidang Meteorologi dan Geofisika atau stasiun prakiraan cuaca. Nama alat ini berasal dari kata Yunani anemos yang berarti angin.

The Lutron SP-9202 is one of the latest releases from Lutron and represents the top function model. The SP9201 is the same but has LUX meter in plcae of UV so suiting inside work environment vs outdoors weather conditions. Air flow can be calculated from duct size, and Dew Point, Wet bulb, Heat Index, Wind chill and other variables are also calculated from the combined measurements. An exceptional combination of readings in a tiny package - and a great price.


    Multi-functions, mini pocket size, easy carryout
    Air velocity (Wind speed)/Temp, Air flow (CMM, CFM)
    Air velocity: 0.4 to 20.0 m/s
    Humidity/Temp, Dew point, Wet bulb Temp
    Wind chill, Heat Index
    Barometer, Altitude
    UV Light (Spectrum: 260 nm to 390 nm, UVA/UVB)
    Display unit:

Air Velocity: m/s, ft/min, kmh, mph, knot
Air flow: CMM, CFM
Humidity/Dew point/Wet bulb: %RH, °C/°F
Wind chill/Heat Index: °C/°F
Barometer: hPa, inHg, mmHg
Altitude: meter, feet (ft)
UV: mV/cm2

Optional Pt100 ohm Temp. probe for external Temp. Measurement

Size: 120 mm x 45 mm x 20 mm

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