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Datalogger, also been called as Data Recorder or Temperature Recorder, it’s the device that can measure and record the Wind Speed (Air Flow), Temperature and Humidity value, which had been widely used in a variety applications include HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).
AZ9671 Anemometer Logger was being designed and manufactured by AZ Instrument, a well experienced manufacturer for Environmental Measuring Instrument.
AZ9671 Anemometer Logger features:
*Feature building in humidity sensor in remote vane
*Measuring / programming windspeed anywhere, anytime
*User friendly interface for every customer
*Unique design smart datalogging method
*RS232 software enable to link with PC for downloading data and uploading 99 measurements
*Location via PC setting

Measuring / Recording Air Velocity/Volume /Humidity/Temperature/Wet Bulb Temp.
3 Measurement Modes:
Single Point Measurement
Manual Record Up To 99 Points
Automatically Record Up To 2400 Points Temp. Unit  C/O F Selectable
Windspeed Unit Metric/Imperial Selectable Automatic Recording Is Programmable
Rs232 Interface W/ Software Enable To Link W/Pc For Down-Loading Data Or
Uploading Pre-Edited Header From  Pc Big Dot Matrix Lcm
Air Velocity/Air Volume/Humidity/Temperature/ Wet Bulb Temp. Display
Backlight Function To Use In Dark Area
Auto Power Off Time Selectable
Built-In Tripod Mountable Receptacle

External vane probe
Thermo paper
Software CD & cable
Hard carry case

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