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Shooting handheld measurements is easy with the D510 if you are 30 meters or less from your target, but what if you want to shoot targets that are 100 meters -- or more -- away?

If you measure long distances or simply want to get the most out of the D510, go for the Pro Pack.

The Pro Pack unlocks the D510's full potential by giving you total control of the placement of the laser dot. The patented FTA 360 Fine Tune Adapter sits on top of the TRI 70 tripod and has simple to use micro adjustment knobs. Get close to your target by swivling the FTA 360 manually, then use the adjustment knobs to get the laser exactly where you want it, everytime.

Not only does this make locating your target easier, it also makes it possible to hold the laser steady on your target at great distances. Anyone that has used a laser distance meter knows the difficulty holding of the laser dot in one spot increases exponentially the farther you are from your target, especially after 3 espressos. The FTA 360 holds the D510 exactly where you want it. Shaky hands are out of the equation. Combine the stability of the Pro Pack with the D510 4x zoom outdoor point finder camera and even the most difficult measurements are as easy as pressing the big red button in the middle of your DISTO.

* Disto D510
* FTA360 Fine Tune Adapter
* TRI70 Tripod
* Hard Carrying Case

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