Jual Total Station Ruide RCS Reflectorless

400m non-prism range
2" angle accuracy
Color and touch screen
Guide Light
Lightning Measure Button


The 3rd generation of RDM4 Dis.Tech, measuring a distance faster and more accurate ever. 400m reflectorless range in stunning speed up to 0.3s, and 4km in prism mode with an accuracy up to 2mm+2ppm.

Lightning Measure

One red button independently located on a side covert. Without looking at the screen and finding the right key on the keyboard, Lightning Measure allows you to trigger a fast distance measurement in the next second after you aim at the target, avoiding a possible shake on horizontal direction which might happen if you press on the keyboard.

Guide Light

By flashing LED in red and yellow on top of the objective lens, Guide Light will help the pole man to move the prism pole to the stakeout point fast and precisely during stake-out operation.


One of the most unique features of RUIDE's total station. A small sensor hidden under the keypad can detect the surrounding temperature and air pressure then calculate the PPM value and correct the distance result in real time.

Multidimensional Compensation System

For physical compensation, the dual axis compensator with an ultra-sensitive CMOS detects any tiny movements of the E bubble, and correspondingly compensate on both horizontal and vertical direction.

​For digital compensation, a unique algorithm is adopted to eliminate the horizontal collimation error and vertical index error.

Dense Ball Shaft

Both vertical and horizontal shafts are embedded more than 100 steel balls, which makes RCS Series rotates smoothly and stably so as to deliver a higher angle accuracy. It also essentially reduces the chances of jamming if the total station encounters violent shock and vibration.

Wormhole Travel

Instead of going through 3 or 4 steps by pressing several keys and selecting several options, up to 6 number key is like a wormhole allowing you to "jump" to most of the specific functions, settings and programs in one step. You can also customize 2 measuring keys with different measure mode with your preferences, and define 2 number keys as shortcuts to access to your most favorite program or COGO.

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