Chlorophyll Meter Opti-Sciences OS1-FL

Chlorophyll Meter Opti-Sciences OS1-FL
he OS1-FL is a highly portable and cost effective modulated chlorophyll fluorometer ideal for fast measurements and stress evaluation.

Designed for light adapted yield and ETR measurements as well as dark adapted Fv/Fm plant stress measurement.

When hundreds or thousands of measurements need to be made in a day, this workhorse is an excellent choice.

    Great for detecting stress causing agents that effect photosystem PSII.
    The OS1-FL provides direct readout of FV/Fm, Fm, and Fo, as well as Yield (or ?F/Fm?), Fs(or F), Fms (or Fm?)
    the most used, and most robust stress measurement parameters.
    Both PAR and leaf temperature measurements are possible as well with the Optional OS1-FL Par Clip.
    Flexible fiberoptic probe allows greater measurement flexibility.
    Up to 4,000 measurements can be stored on the OS1-FL and may be transferred with its built in computer interface for spreadsheet analysis, graphing, or storage.

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