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Moisture meter H-DI 3.10
Everybody who deals with wood processing knows that the moisture content is the decisive criterion. Therefore it is immensely important to measure the moisture content precisely and without having to take any trouble.
The moisture content measurement devices for wood and building materials made by BES Bollmann allow you to measure the moisture content precisely and in a fast and easy way.

In addition to the features possessed by the H-DI 3.3 the H-DI 3.10 has temperature correction, an extended measuring range the capacity to measure building moisture content and FMPA approval. And because of their high-precision measuring capacity, they are the perfect tool for all professionals who want rapid, precise measurement on site. Comple with sliding hammer in suitcase.

Contacts: Sliding hammer with 60mm needles
Number of timber groups: 4
Range wood moisture: 4 - 100%
Building material groups: None, calculation by table
Range building moisture: 0 - 100% , calculation by table
Temp. measuring range: N / A
Temp. compensation: Yes, 0-80° C in 5 steps
Range rel. humidity: N / A
Measuring range dew point: N / A
Measuringrange EMC: N / A
Display: 3-digit
Measuring presicion: ± 0, 1 Wood
Battery: 9V Compound battery
Self Test: Meter and battery
Data Hold ffunction: none
Ambient Temperature: 0 - 40° C
Weight: 220 Gram
Housing material: Shock-resistant plastic
Dimensions: 140 x 80 x 40
Other: Complete with sliding hammer in suitcase

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