Jual Carbide Moisture Meter Tanel WK-1 Call 08128222998

Carbide moisture meter WK-1 is designed to measure moisture contents of solids, especially building materials like: sand, brick or concrete. It can also be used as moisture meter for fluids (e.g. oils). It is extremely useful in cases where the contamination (salinity) or thick reinforcement prohibit other electronic ways of measurement. The device measures the pressure of acetylene which comes from the chemical reaction of carbide and water contained in the sample:
CaC2 + 2 H2O -› C2H2 + Ca(OH)2
The device is calibrated to show the results directly in % of moisture contents.
Technical data
Range 0 % - 10 % rel. moisture cont.
Resolution 0.2 %
Measuring chamber volume approx. 0.6 dm3
Sample weight 10 g
Max. pressure 1 bar

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