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Compact Thermal Imaging System with Wi-Fi
The FLIR C3 is designed to be your go-to tool for building inspections, facilities maintenance, HVAC, or electrical repair. This slim camera fits easily in your pocket so you can take it anywhere. Its integrated touch-screen is a snap to learn, so you can quickly get to the job of finding hidden problems, documenting repairs, and sharing images over Wi-Fi.

The Flir C3 model improves on the Flir C2 by including more flexible image modes and connectivity. This model improves on the Flir C2 by including more flexible image modes and Wifi connectivity. With the Flir C3 users will be able to directly mirror what they'''re capturing onto their phone, tablet, and other compatible devices. That feature is normally reserved for professional level cameras, like the Flir E60. In conjunction with the Flir Tools App, C3 users will be able to draft reports on the job site from their phones and tablets for immediate issue correction.

* IR Sensor: 80 x 60 (4,800 measurement pixels)
* Temperature Range: -10°C to 150°C (14° to 302°F)
* Thermal Sensitivity: < 0.10°C
* Field of View: 41° x 31°
* Minimum Focus Distance: Thermal: 0.15 m (0.49 ft.) / MSX: 1.0 m (3.3 ft.)
* Image Frequency: 9 Hz
* Spectral Range: 7.5μm - 14μm
* 3" Display (Color): 320 x 240 pixels
* Auto Orientation: Yes
* Touch Screen: Yes

* Flir C3 Infrared camera
* Battery (inside camera)
* Lanyard
* Pouch
* Power supply/charger with EU, UK, US, CN and AU plugs
* Tripod mount
* USB cable
* Printed documentation

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