Jual Robomotion EGGShell Force Gauge EFG - 0502 Moisture Meter Call 08128222998

This gauge is used to measure the destruction Strength of chicken egg shells. This  gauge differs from the conventional
hydraulic gauge systems in that it provides a very high level of accuracy thanks to the use of advanced electronic technology.
Devices used:
1. Vertical drive : Ultrasonic motor
2. Destruction strength measuring unit : Strain gauge

1. Measurement Range : Max. 5.000 kg.f (50.00N, 10.00lb.f)
2. Resolution : 0.001kg.f
3. Peak Measurement : Measurement values are stored and vertical operation is instantaneous (Patents Pending)
4. Output Signal : RS-232C Port, with printer
5. Power Suply : 100V AC
6. Weight : 10.5kg

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