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MERLIN is one of the pioneers in moisture measurement in materials mad of wood. With the non-destructive moisture measuring by MERLIN, the devices are not just recommended for measuring raw timber but in particular for measuring semi-finished goods, veneers, parquet, furniture and windows.
MERLIN Manual measuring devices are used throughout the  world and have been tried and tested by both professional and handymen alike.
Short production times and high quality standards are  the key to the success. The non-destructive moisture measuring devices by Merlin are an indispensable and  important aid.

Comes with heavy Duty Protective Rubber Protection
Large LCD Display (no needles) displayed to 0.1%
Large Sensor Plate for precise measurement
Fast SELECT SG switch
Auto Shutoff to preserve 9V battery
Maintenance Free, No Pins

Jual Merlin Wood Moisture Meter HM9-WS13, for furniture
Merlin Wood Moisture Meter HM9-WS13/HD
Hardwood calibration 0,450 - 0,950 (g/cm3) dry
Density scanning depth : 20mm (13mm min. thickness) incl. rubber protector and 9V battery
Measuring range: 4% - 99%
Timber group: 1-6
Density Range: 370 - 670kg/m3
Weight: 160g
Dimension: 120 x 60 x 25 mm

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