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RE-160 Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortar
For determining compressive strength of hydraulic cement mortar by using 2" cube speciment

RE-161 Cement Cube Mold Cast iron, 3 gang, 2" x 2" 1 Pc
RE-162 Flow Table Hand Operated
Consist of :
RE-162.1 Frame Welded steel, brass table, 10" dia., 0.3" thick, 1/2" drop 1 Pc
RE-162.2 Flow Mold Brass, base 101.6 mm dia., top 69.85 mm dia., top 69.85 mm dia., height 50.8 mm 1 Pc

RG-713 Vernier Caliper 300 mm capacity 1 Pc
RC-168 Tamper Plastic, 1/2" x 1" face, 6" strength 1 Pc
RG-396 Glass Plate Glass, 10 mm thick, 30 x 30 cm 1 Pc
RG-403 Graduated Cylinder 250 ml capacity 1 Pc
RG-825 Scraper Plastic handle 1 Pc

Dimension (l x w x h) : 60 x 60 x 60 cm
Gross Weight : 50 kg

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