Consist of :
Compression Machine
Steel frame electric, 220 V-AC, 1/2 HP
1 Phase, speed : 2" per-minute.
Compaction Mold  
Machine steel, plated, 4" dia., 3"
height, with collar and base plate.
Stability Mold  
Cast alumunium, split type 4" i.d.,
4" wide.
Compaction Hammer 
Machine steel, plated 10 lbs,
hammer weight, 18" drop height.
Compaction Pedestal
Wooden base with steel platen.
Compaction Mold Holder
Machine steel, quick clamping system
Steel frame, hydraulic system.
Flow Meter 
Cast alumunium, clamping bolt, with
dial indicator 30 x 0.01 mm.
Water Bath 
Stainless steel, water heater, 220
V-AC thermostat 30 - 85 deg.C
Proving Ring 
6000 lbs capacity.

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Motor Sirine
Jual Motor Sirine Yahagi B-36
Jual Sirine Yahagi S-283
Juak Motor Sirine Yahagi S-293
Jual Sirine Yahagi S-303
Jual Motor Sirine Yahagi S-313
Jual Sirine Lion King LK-JDL188
Jual Sirine Lion King LK-M2
Jual Sirine Lion King LK-SCT
Jual Sirine Lion King LK-120 (With Tripod),
Jual Sirine Lion King LK-120A (Without Tripod)
Jual Sirine Lion King LK-JDW450
Jual Sirine Lion King LK-JDW400
Jual Sirine Lion King LK-JDL400
Jual Sirine Lion King LK-JDL550
Jual Sirine Lion King LK-100 (Metal Body)
Jual Sirine Lion King LK-100P (Plastic Body)
Jual Sirine Lion King LK-STH10A
Jual Sirine Lion King LK-STH10H
Jual Sirine MS-190
Jual Sirine MS-290
Jual Sirine MS-390

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